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Updated: Jul 21, 2021

BOAT....! What a Spectacular headset these truly are. I have been using it for quite some time now and I am really a true FAN of what they make. Its just prefect to carry the product around without any problem, with a click of a small button gets connected to the phone. Sound quality seems perfect and even the bass is perfect for people who love songs...even we do too...

With a perfect ear plug design that fits correctly into the ear which give a perfect balance on to the ear. The best freestyle design.

I will get straight to PRO's and CON's


1. Sound- compared to the non-pro version, it seems to me that there's slight improvement in quality. Not that it is very noticeable.

Bass- has got a good quality and effect of bass compared to others in the same price range. The bass is clean, tight and is not muddy or too loud like realme bluetooth earphones.

Vocals- the vocals are clear and crisp.

Loudness- it is loud enough to be heard in a noisy environment.

2. Comfort- the earphones are comfortable to wear but without the ear guides. Maybe that's just me, but wearing along with the ear guides gave me pain in the ears which eased off once the ear guides were removed.

3. Design- it is of neckband design that is comfortable to wear. The buds have got magnets in it which helps it stick to one another when hanged down so that no tangling occurs. Its has a IPX5 water and sweat resistance.

4. Colour- comes in some trendy colours like yellow, teal green, blue and red.

5. Fast charging- gets completely charged in just an hour and has got high voltage protection too.

6. Sound isolation- nothing to brag about but comparable with others in the same price segment.

7.Mic- the calls were very clear. The person at the other end told me that the voice was audible without any disturbances and indeed very clear.

8. Connectivity- this has got the A2DP feature. So dual connectivity is present and I did not experience any connection drops of any kind. We experienced no lags during game play and other calls.


1. Battery- this is the biggest gripe anyone could have with this earphone. The battery gets emptied quickly compared with its peers. Though there's fast charging one would expect headphones in this price range to last at least 10 to 12 hours but not Rockers PRO lasts for almost 6 to 8 hours at max. That's what I got out of them and that was not enough.

2. Price- the asking price of 1599rs is high. You may get it for 1200rs during offers. Even then it is not value for money because of the poor battery backup.

3. No auto on-off with magnetic buds- the feature which is present in Realme bluetooth earphones. This feature could have improved the battery life of this pair very much but alas it doesn't have it.

Final words:

Boat Rockerz 255 Pro bluetooth earphones are good in terms of soundquality and trendiness but lack in terms of battery backup. Though there are several pros than cons it all comes down to the battery life.

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