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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Pen drive or USB drives as well call them are the best utility product that we carry all the time, it comes in handly to copy files that we cant email or we cant use google drives at that moment these are just an examples, anyways we have been using our sandisk pen drive for a verylong time and there has been no problem what so ever.

SanDisk is an Ultra-Compact and portable USB flash drive. You can share your photos, videos, songs, and other files between computers with ease. It protects your private files with included SanDisk Secure Access software. It includes added protection of secure online backup (up to 2GB optionally available) offered by YuuWaa and also has passwords to protect your sensitive files. The design of the pen drive is capless. The operating temperature of the SanDisk Pendrive is -0ºC to 45 ºC and its storage temperature is- (-10ºC) to 70ºC.


The product is very light weight and easy to carry. Its dimensions are 73.66*1.75*4.14 cm; 9.07 Grams. The capacity is 32 GB and the RAM size is 32 GB. The Processor speed is 32GHz and the processor count is 1. It’s Hardware Interface is USB 2.0 which is compatible to all the computers and laptops. The product lacks USB 3.0 compactiblity that a major downfall for this one since it wont give the data transfer speed you require. Read speed is 21 mbps

Write speed is 8 mbps on pc having 4 gb ram and I3 processor

Final Thoughts :

  1. This product is good Apart from the body mean it has a plastic body that can have some breakage issues apart from that its the best to carry arround with care.

  2. It has a light weight, you can keep it where ever you want to safely

  3. It has upto 128Gb of storages available

  4. Best part is "the price"is very cheap

You can Get yours at :

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