The Next Level Of POWER

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Yes, i am talking about the 3 important thing

1st would be mask LOL...

2nd Would be your phone

3rd MI Power bank 3i beast of a power bank with 20000mAh.

First of all this model that I am writing is 20000mAh New model 2020 there are a few other model as well of 10000mAh as well i will leave a link below...

Let jump about the product... I am gonna review about the 20000mAh MI power bank the product build quality is very good and the design seems to be slightly off because it becomes slightly heavy and like a brick, but it fulfills its purpose of charging the phone at least 3-4 times with heavy gaming experience.


The main advantage is Type C and Micro USB both are combined it together which gives a better edge over the other.

Now you can use what ever cable you want and no need for hide and seek.

This monster is the perfect performance beast it charges the phone 3 to 4 times with easily with high gaming usage or high usage.

12 layer of circuit protection helps in protecting with overheating and short circuit and other electrical related problem.

It uses lithium polymer battery which helps in good charging and improve the charging conversion rates.


The major con for this item is its weight i know that it's 20000mAh battery and but they could have worked out on the design so that it completes the full pack of it now it feels a little out of the box.

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