Start Up That Caught Up...

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Yes, I have been working with a start up company called as the Trad3d Technologies.

They have really caught up in the field of 3d printing with their expert advising and their guidance. I have spoken with them a couple of times regarding the problems that i had in the past for filaments.

As a start up company they know what they are doing, perfect filament with good quality dimensions. A few improvements are already on the way and some new products as well says the owner.

This is the marble filaments, which is one of its kind the flow is very good of this material.

While the product came in a little bit worried condition from amazon, due to heavy rains. The bag was a bit torn off, I contact them with the help of amazon and their reply was pretty quick. They suggested me a simple but and excellent method that would make my product moisture free. That indeed worked a ton and after keeping the material for some time, the print quality that it gave was outstanding

After this i told them about the handling of the parcel, and they sent me a link of their online store filamently, after that I started purchasing directly from them.

Their PLA was very good compared to the few other things that I have tired. The Pikachu is made with Bronze filament from Trad3d Technologies

U can shop their PLA in amazon or through their site. If u face any problems just call them or leave a message, they will get back to you for sure, even if you are new to 3D Printing you can ask them your doubts related to their product and them will help you for sure.

Now I have moved to different set of materials from the same supplier of course their Pet-G filaments are the one to try for. I have never used it before the person from their recommended it to me, the print quality was A1 with perfect layer to layer adhesion.

Final thoughts :

I recommend trying their product for sure, its really a very good product that i have used yet, if u have any issue you can surely contact them and tell them the problem so that they can solve it.


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